High school art projects

Explore a collection of creative high school art projects that will inspire and ignite your artistic talents. Discover unique ideas to express your creativity and take your art to the next level.
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25 2d art projects

After nearly a decade of teaching secondary students, I've had a lot of time to test out a variety of 2d art projects. Let's face it: as teachers, sometimes we plan and plan and plan. We are so excited to deliver the project, and then... it flops. Students are uninterested and the final products aren't

Amanda Finley-Moxley
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If you're short on time, try these art projects for teens.

It can be tough to fit art into a busy homeschooling schedule, but these quick and easy art projects make it simple. They're perfect for middle schoolers.

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Art How-to’s! » Make a Mark Studios

Art How-to’s! Click the buttons to explore a wide variety of art making tutorials using a range of art media. Many tutorials feature detailed descriptions, how-to video's, free resources, and step by step photos to work at your own pace. Feel free to subscribe to my Youtube Channel to keep up with the latest how to videos

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Time Saving Middle or High School Art Lesson

This project is a great way to teach positive and negative space in art. It is perfect for Halloween or anytime of year. Find step-by-step instructions and ideas for your classroom.

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Art II - Projects

Projects follow the “ Basics ” taking the new medium, technique or concept and applying it to a finished work of art assessing the new skill acquired through Basics. Projects ALSO build on...

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