How to exclusively pump

Discover the benefits and techniques of exclusively pumping breast milk. Learn how to establish and maintain a successful pumping routine to provide your baby with all the nourishment they need.
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Hey new mama! And CONGRATULATIONS! How’s motherhood treating you? Aren’t you absolutely in love? Is baby sleeping? Breastfeeding going absolutely perfectly? PAUSE. Would you be reading this if it was? I just wrapped up 14 months of breastfeeding my youngest. It was A-freaking-MAZING. Okay, not the first 6 weeks where it felt like my nipples were being dipped into a high-speed food processor… but 95% of it was a beautiful experience I felt so blessed to have. Okay so screw you Kait, why are…

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Choosing to exlusively pump your breastmilk for your baby gives them the nutrients from breastmilk & allows them to take a bottle. Here are tips to help you

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Wondering how to start pumping on the go? Learn the essentials for pumping away from home, the best tips and trick to pump without causing a scene, and how to store your milk properly away from home. Busy moms need easy way to pump breast milk in public and this post will help you learn exactly how to pump on the go for your baby! Perfect for working moms or moms always on the run who may need to pump while driving.

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