How to make decals

Learn how to make decals with these simple steps. Create personalized stickers for your belongings or decorate your space with unique designs. Get started today with our helpful guide.
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How to Make a Car Decal with Cricut

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to create a vinyl car decal using your Cricut, plus share the secret hack to making this car decal last as long as possible! Open Cricut Design Space. Then, upload and import the desired design you wish to use for your car decal. We're using a humorous design from the Funny Sayings SVG Bundle. Select the design and click Flip >> Flip Horizontal. Select the entire design and click Attach in the bottom right corner. Load a piece of permanent adhesive vinyl…

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How to Make a Vinyl Decal for your Cricut - Happily Ever After, Etc.

If you own a cricut chances are you’ve thought about decorating it before… it is a cutting machine after all. It only makes sense you’d want to cut something out to put on it! I have gone back and forth for years about whether or not to decorate mine… and I even had a small […]

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