How to single crochet

Learn how to single crochet like a pro with our step-by-step tutorial. Create beautiful crochet projects with this essential stitch and unleash your creativity today.

Hi Everyone! I’m Ashley, the designer and maker behind The Loopy Lamb. I’m so excited to be invited back to the Clover blog to teach you all how to do the Single Crochet Stitch. The single crochet stitch is a basic crochet stitch that all beginners need to learn in order to crochet. The single…

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Learn how to create the foundation single crochet (FSC) and why you should use it with this step by step picture and video tutorial.

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Beginner tutorial for right-handed crocheters. Follow each step with detailed photos. Grow your crochet skillset.

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This is a written and video tutorial on Single Crochet Stitch. The video is a VERY slow demonstration for absolute beginners. For this demonstration, I am making a scarf. Create a slipknot. Then crochet 13 chain stitches. Chain 2 more stitches. Count down 2 loops from the edge and do a single crochet into the…

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