Hula hoop dance tutorials

Master the art of hula hoop dance with our step-by-step tutorials. Start twirling and spinning like a pro with our top tips and tricks for beginners and advanced hoopers alike.
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Yes you can make your HIIT workouts extra fun this holiday season by grabbing yourself a hula hoop, making a super cheery playlist and set that timer for a 7 minute burst of fun! Or you can just follow along with my hoop interval training workouts. Level up and grab the 7 Day 7 ... Keep reading

Oksana Kanunnikow
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Want to feel good, move with flow and have a ton of fun? Of course, you do. Grab an adult size hoop that is right for you, and let’s do this! Subscribe to the Hooplovers YouTube channel for weekly free tutorials or if you want to learn all of the foundations and beyond I will ... Keep reading

Jan Schu