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Get ready to laugh out loud with our collection of funny Disney memes and jokes. Discover the lighter side of your favorite Disney characters and add some humor to your day.
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Many of us as children or maybe even as adults imagined what it would be like if we joined our favorite fictional characters on their adventures on the other side of the screen or if they jumped out of it and infiltrated our everyday life. Given that this would be impossible in reality, Samuel MB applied tools that are available to experiment with this idea. This artist, actor, and primary school teacher invites iconic Disney characters into his life using Photoshop and it looks as if they…

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If you were one of the countless children who grew up singing along with Disney princesses and fantasizing about experiencing “part of that world,” you were likely thrilled to see these iconic ladies come to life in live action adaptations of their stories.

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When business owners go to Disneyland, they probably end up headhunting all of the employees out there. That's how dedicated and professional they are. Spotting a guy with a Deadmau5 shirt? Of course, Minnie Mouse will react. Meeting a guide dog? Pluto certainly won't miss a chance to pet it. Working as a real-life Disney character requires both dedication and a sense of humor!

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