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Get an exclusive look into the incredible life of Jazz, as she bravely navigates the challenges and triumphs of being true to herself. Join her on this transformative journey and discover the power of authenticity.
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MultiChoice Nigeria has pulled “I am Jazz” from its schedule. This was after public outcry including an online petition from subscribers who did not believe that the story of a transgender child was appropriate for Nigerian audiences. Below is the company’s official statement; MultiChoice Nigeria is aware of the concerns raised by our viewers across […]

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When I Am Jazz premiered in 2015, it was considered groundbreaking. The show centers around a young transgender woman named Jazz Jennings who was only about 15 years old when the show debuted. The show provides insight into her life as a transgender person but also focuses on other areas of her life such as...

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Jazz Jennings has been a part of the TLC family for a while now. Her show, I Am Jazz, has received a lot of praise for bringing forward her story and raising awareness about the trans community. She has been unafraid when it comes to showcasing her lows but also her highs. Hence, she has been inspiring many people across the globe.

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