Ice Fishing

Discover the essential gear and expert tips for a successful ice fishing adventure. Get ready to catch fish in the frozen waters with confidence and excitement.
Ice Fishing: Tactics for a Better Tip-Up suspend bait 12" above weeds where fish cruise for food Saltwater Fishing, Fishing Techniques, Trout Fishing Tips, Fishing Rigs, Ice Fishing Tips, Fishing Knots, Ice Fishing Sonar, Best Fishing, Fishing Equipment

Illustration by Samuel A. Minick Successful fishing with tip-ups begins with suspending the bait in the cruising lane of the fish. Pike, pickerel, panfish, walleyes, and bass often frequent the area about 12 inches above the weed tops. Here's how to make sure your bait is in the strike zone and not buried in the grass.

Jenna Brust

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