Iceland facts

Discover the incredible wonders of Iceland through these fascinating facts. From stunning landscapes to unique cultural traditions, explore the beauty and charm of this Nordic island.
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Iceland is an island country in the north of Europe. It has a population of about 360,000 people and its official language is Icelandic. Iceland’s capital and largest city is Reykjavik, with a big part of the population living here. These are some of the general, but kind of boring facts we learn about Iceland at school.

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Description I have a real good friend who's originally from Iceland. He was very young when he left there, and has been in so many places since, he doesn't remember the language as well as he'd wish. I looked the alphabet up, and tried to understand it as best I could, and put this together for him. I learned just a few words of Icelandic too. The neat thing about the Icelandic alphabet is that it still has three letters that used to be in the Old English alphabet, namely: the eth (Ðð) which…

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