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Enhance your English writing skills with these effective tips and techniques. Start expressing yourself more confidently and clearly in writing with these expert suggestions.
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English Vocabulary; Instead of Big, Happy, Smart, Nice, Little, Funny, Sad, Pretty, Good BIG Towering Huge Large Great Gigantic Immense Colossal Giant Massive Tremendous Enormous Mammoth Hefty HAPPY Glad Javial Joyful Elated Jolly Pleased Merry Contented Jubilant Cheerful Thrilled Delighted Upbeat SMART Witty Bright Wise Gifted Brillant Sharp Clever Intelligent Ingenious Brainy Knowledgeable Quick-witted Astute NICE Kind Benevolent Thoughtful Gracious Considerate Decent Congenial Agreeable…

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Among the 16 most commonly used punctuation marks are the period, question mark, exclamation point, and comma. These, along with the other 12, are all listed neatly and explained for you here.

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How to improve your vocabulary for writing in 5 Effective Ways. These are some tips to improve vocabulary: 1. Develop a habit of reading. 2. Use a dictionary and a gloassary to guide your understanding 3. Play word games 4. Make use of mnemonics 5. Practice communicating with new terms

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