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Explore the rich and flavorful world of Indonesian cuisine with these mouthwatering recipes. From traditional favorites to modern twists, discover the best dishes to satisfy your taste buds.
Beef Rendang: The Real Deal Of Authentic Dried Beef Curry From Indonesia - So Yummy Recipes Healthy Recipes, Indonesia, Curry, Thailand, Indonesian Cuisine, Indonesian Beef Rendang Recipe, Beef Rendang Recipe, Beef Korma, Indonesian Food

This authentic beef rendang recipe is rooted in the original one from West Sumatra, Indonesia. It's meltingly-tender dry beef curry cooked in coconut milk and spices. The dish is one of Indonesia’s signature dishes that is now famous all over the country and beyond.

Mathilde Swift
Nasi Goreng - Traditional Indonesian fried rice, full of flavour, easy to make and no hunting down unusual ingredients! Rice Dishes, Indonesia, Indonesian Fried Rice Recipe, Indonesian Food, Asian Rice, Nasi Goreng Recipe, Asian Inspired Recipes, Ethnic Recipes, Fried Rice Dishes

Recipe video above. A traditional Indonesian fried rice recipe which is often served with a fried egg for a protein boost to make it a meal, but I usually serve it as a side dish. The magic ingredient in this is kecap manis, a sweet soy sauce which is available in large supermarkets and of course in Asian stores. Feel free to swap out the chicken for other proteins! Shrimp/prawns, tofu, beef and pork are all great alternatives.

Anne Shashika

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