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36 Unusual Experiments You Won’t Believe Were Actually Conducted By Researchers - Fact Republic

1. In the 60's US Army did an experiment, where two people Dave Dobson and Bob Selden without nuclear training had to design a nuke with only access to publicly available documents. They succeeded.

Christa Furman Briggs
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130+ Interesting Psychological Facts That Will Make You Think

Diving deep into the roots of our human mind, behavior, thoughts, and feelings is a wild and fascinating. There are some incredible facts that can lead you on the path of having a better understanding of yourself and others. What Are The Most Interesting Psychological Facts About Life? Being alone can take a toll on your health and make you more susceptible to getting sick. (1) At night, our imagination is the highest, while our creativity levels drop significantly during the day. Being…

Timothy VanPelt

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