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Aww, the Look of Aerchrome Infrared. Isn't it so cool? That Blue Sky and the cool Red foliage. It really has such a cool look. I love the Aerochrome Infrared look, even with people. I've been emulating the look of Aerochrome IR for years. In fact, if you've had a camera converted in the past few years and taken advantage of the complimentary 30-minute session we offer, you know I give away a Photoshop Action that helps emulate the look of Aerchrome. I've been out of town on Holiday and was…

Elyon Kyla
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I recently decided to upgrade from my current infrared-converted Nikon D7100 to a Nikon D7200, taking advantage of Kolari Vision‘s Anti-Reflective coated glass (article to follow). In the process, I once again considered my filter choices. Although I had some decent results from a 665nm filter from another infrared conversion house, I was not satisfied with the overall results and had Kolari Vision swap the 665nm out and install a 720nm filter. I always thought the 720nm filter provided the…