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I LOVED Jane makeup so much! I collected all the little brochures from the displays. (They had great lipstick - and powder!) Dupes, 1980s, Brochures, Vintage Beauty, 90s Things, Jane Cosmetics, 1990s, Vintage Makeup, School Makeup

I was at the drugstore the other day, and came across something I had blanked out of my mind. Teen Spirit ACTUALLY existed and it's somehow still being mass produced! I think this blew my mind. Now, it's odd that I had shelved this in some dark cavernous part of my brain because this deodorant inspired a classic grunge hit. I should KNOW THIS. But for some reason, I kind of thought it was all a weird pre-pube dream I had from back in the day. No. They really made this shit, and I bought a…

Ashley Nicole