Japanese sweet potato

Explore a variety of mouthwatering recipes using Japanese sweet potatoes. From roasted to mashed, discover creative ways to incorporate this nutritious root vegetable into your meals.
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Baked Japanese Sweet Potatoes (Authentic Yaki Imo) - Okonomi Kitchen

A simple recipe to achieve the perfect baked Japanese sweet potato that tastes just like authentic Yaki Imo: crispy and caramelized on the outside, creamy sweet on the inside, and taste like cake! The best healthy snack to have during the fall and winter.

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With this foolproof recipe, you can make Baked Japanese Sweet Potatoes (Yaki Imo) that are perfectly tender, fluffy, and sweet! #yakiimo #japanesesweet potato #satsumaimo | Easy Japanese Recipes at JustOneCookbook.com Yaki Imo, Roasted Japanese Sweet Potato, Japanese Sweet Potatoes, Sweet Potato Wrap, Sweet Potato Benefits, Steamed Sweet Potato, Japanese Sweet Potato, Natural Snacks, Sweet Potato Skins

Baked Japanese Sweet Potatoes (Yaki Imo) 焼き芋

With this foolproof recipe, you can make Baked Japanese Sweet Potatoes (Yaki Imo) that are perfectly tender, fluffy, and sweet! Enjoy them warm and fresh out of the oven as a natural snack or add them to other dishes. Here, I share my best tips for baking Yaki Imo low and slow for an ideal texture and flavor.

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Roasted Japanese Sweet Potatoes with Miso Butter

Baked until tender and fluffy then sliced open and filled a generous serving of umami-rich miso butter, these Roasted Japanese Sweet Potatoes are a simple and delicious side dish for almost any meal.

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Perfect Baked Murasaki Sweet Potatoes (Korean Yam, Satsumaimo, Red Kumara)

How to perfectly bake Murasaki sweet potatoes with white flesh and red/purple skins, which are also known as Japanese sweet potatoes, Korean yams, Satsumaimo and red kūmara. Nutty, mildly sweet and creamy, these sweet potatoes are absolutely delicious!

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Simple Roasted Japanese Sweet Potato Wedges

These simple roasted Japanese sweet potato wedges are crispy and salty on the outside, tender and sweet on the inside. They make for an irresistable vegan side dish or snack, especially if you serve them with a great dipping sauce!

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