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Explore the timeless beauty of Japanese vintage fashion and decor. Find unique and authentic pieces that will add a touch of elegance to your style and home.
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Bosozoku Girl via tumblr The many style subcultures of post-war and modern Japan are rooted in rejection; a succession of generations refusing to traditional parental values. Each one has formed its own unique uniform of rebellion, but some have taken it to further extremes than others, riding da

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Jetting back to 1970s Japan, let’s get to know sultry film icon, actress, singer, and all-round badass Meiko Kaji. She rose to fame during the seventies at the height of what was known as the “pinky violence” Japanese film genre, which were essentially sexed up, bad girl action films produced by Toe

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lu.men studio is the meeting of an attraction for graphic design and a passion for illustrations, all strongly inspired by Japanese culture of all periods. Born in 2000 and hailing from the town of Gustave Courbet, lu.men has always been surrounded and fascinated by the creative field and its expression in many ways. From an early age, the masterpieces of Akira Toryama, Takehiko Inoue and Hayao Miyazaki subconsciously shaped young Lucas's mind and led him to love and discover this highly…