Jean fouquet paintings

Immerse yourself in the world of Jean Fouquet paintings and discover the breathtaking beauty of his masterpieces. Get inspired by his unique style and artistic vision.
Jean Fouquet. The Melun Diptych Museums, Berlin, Hieronymus Bosch, Elliot, Jan Van Eyck, French Artists, Diptyque, Masterpiece, Antwerpen

Jean Fouquet’s diptych from the collegiate church in Melun ranks as one of the masterpieces of 15th-century painting. The Gemäldegalerie ac-quired the left panel bearing a portrait of the patron in 1896. The right panel, which portrays the Madonna and Child, has belonged to the Museum Schone Kunsten in Antwerp since the early 19th century. The presentation brings these two pieces together for the first time in over 80 years, briefly restoring the lost unity of a great work of art.