Jeanne lanvin

Explore the elegant and timeless fashion created by Jeanne Lanvin. Discover the iconic designs and influential style of this legendary fashion designer.
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During the exceptional exhibition devoted to Jeanne Lanvin (1867 – 1946) at the Palais Galliera in Paris from 8 March to 23 August 2015, Montagut will share with you the story and the most beautiful models of one of the largest French couture brands still in operation today. Coming from a modest family of eleven […]

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“Modern clothes need a certain romantic feel.” From humble beginnings, Jeanne Lanvin built a fashion empire, one that is still standing strong today. Lanvin found international fame during the 1920s, as the streamlined aesthetic of Art Deco was rising around her, but in contrast, her style was billowing, decadent and romantic, bringing sumptuous fabrics, luxurious...