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Get to know Jeremy Zag, the visionary creator of the beloved animated series Miraculous Ladybug. Explore his journey and discover the inspiration behind his iconic characters and compelling storytelling.
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Pixie Girl (also spelled as Pixigirl or Pixi Girl) was a planned French CGI-animated series. It was going to be a co-production between Zagtoon, Method Animation, and Planeta Junior.[2] As of 2022, the project has been shelved due to ZAG Entertainment retooling it into a feature film Fairy Force. A spunky, adventurous Pixie and her awestruck human friend explore New York City while battling the tyrannical rule of the city’s evil wytches, who scheme to forever cast away the city’s ties to…

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Jeremy Zag sur Instagram : The Kwamis!!! 😍 #kwamis #zagheroez #miraculousladybug #kawaii

Jeremy Zag sur Instagram : The Kwamis!!! 😍 #kwamis #zagheroez #miraculousladybug #kawaii

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