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Discover the best jewelry wax techniques to create a stunning and long-lasting finish for your handmade pieces. Enhance the beauty of your jewelry with these top ideas and achieve a professional look.
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BLOG Have you heard of wax carving but are not sure what it is and how to do it? Check out our beginners guide for jewellers covering the different types of wax, how to calculate the weight of your finished metal piece, how the casting process works, how to make multiples of your designs, what size

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Photography by Ryan Leggett With a freshly cast bit of gold in hand, it’s finally time to refine and finish our ring. The next few steps involve sawing, sanding, and polishing our ring until the surface is just right. Then, we’ll take our time setting a beautiful Old European Cut diamond into the center. Polishing and Setting The sprue and button left over from casting must be removed from the bottom of the ring. A jeweler’s saw makes quick work of this task. Next, we shape the bottom of the…

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