Joker painting

Explore a collection of captivating Joker paintings that will add a touch of mystery to your space. Discover the perfect piece of art to showcase your love for this iconic character.
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I made these paintings using playing cards. I try and only use cards for the color pallet needed in each composition and just stick to black paint for shading and outlining. It is a time-consuming process. However, the outcome, I think, is very unique and textured work.

Minh Chau
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An artist that has a style crafted through hours and hours, of working on acrylic and oil paintings. Ben F Jeffery is a British artist, that says that he has refined his work through dedication and a willingness to explore, a trial and error approach, that sometimes doesn't pan out and other, where he gets amazing results. Artists, don't usually talk about technique and process, Jeffery does, so I thought I would share with you his words, concerning this subject: "I first paint the entire…