Joseph lorusso

Explore the captivating world of Joseph Lorusso's paintings. Discover his unique style and emotional depth that brings his subjects to life. Immerse yourself in the beauty of his artwork and experience the power of Lorusso's storytelling.
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Joseph Lorusso creates landscapes and figurative works. In painting these subjects, Lorusso has concentrated on honing his powers of observation, especially as it concerns to color, texture, form and composition. Lorusso’s paintings have been described as warm and dreamlike, places of restful escape with a sense of spirituality, and share timelessness with the works of other eras.

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A favorite poem 1 Reading the sonnet A relaxing read A favorite book A favorite poem 2 A favorite story An easy read The readers Regulars at Lucky's In the world of his own Tenderness and love At the cafe Late edition Special book Moments to myself Joseph Lorusso born 1966 in Chicago (Illinois), USA more: Joseph Lorusso fine art Facebook Tutt'art Google pictures