King design

Transform your living space with these unique and stylish king design ideas. Create a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere fit for a king in your home.
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ArtStation’s seventh Community Challenge, The Legend of King Arthur, launched in May 2019 with industry-based challenge hosts, and thousands of excited artists. Like all our community challenges, the submission process was entirely open, and 4,000+ artists took up the challenge to imagine the world’s greatest fantasy legend. Submissions across all categories approached the levels of […]

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The One King is a major antagonist in Suikoden Tierkreis. His goal is to merge all worlds within the Infinity into his own worlds where the inhabitants' best day in their lives repeat forever, thus creating a future that is always predetermined. It is unknown when the One King appeared, but he could be assumed to have first shown up at least 8 decades before the start of the game. As said by him during the game's main ending, the One King is created when the Tenkai Star of a world is…

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