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How to Knit a Tidy Neckline (Bottom-Up Garments) – Cocoknits Stockinette, Knitting, Crochet, Handmade Crafts, Couture, Knitting Paterns, Knitting Help, Sweaters For Women, Knitting Stiches

Every neckline should be as tidy as the one on the right. Unfortunately, most are written like the one on the left. Since I can't travel to every corner of the world to teach this in my European Finishing class, I'm posting instructions for the Proper Cocoknits Neckline for every knitter to use and enjoy If you are leaving your neckline raw, these techniques are a must. Even if you are picking up stitches to finish the neckline, look how much easier picking up stitches will be around the…

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