Kovu lion king human

Explore stunning artistic interpretations of Kovu from The Lion King as a human. Be captivated by the creativity and talent of these artists in bringing this beloved character to life.
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What Disney Animals Would Look Like If They Were Humans

Though the animals we see starring in most Disney movies are easy enough to associate with, many of us still often imagine them as people, sometimes even putting ourselves in their places. Pugletto, an artist in Wisconsin, takes this a step further by re-drawing those characters as she thinks they might look as humans.

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Scar, Fernanda Suarez

Hey everyone! (:, Here is my Modern Scar, continuing my Modern Villains. , I hope you like it!, it was so much fun to make. He is part of current Term 09! at my Patreon www.patreon.com/fdasuarez . Video process, High Res, Color Palette, Psd file & more on how I made this piece there.

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