Lazy bear

Transform your space into a cozy haven with these lazy bear ideas. Discover ways to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere that will make you feel like a lazy bear in your own home.
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Black Bear

Berlin Bears (Polar Bear Knut, Brown Bear, Black Bear, Giant Panda) - there are some more bears in my stream from Berlin Zoological Garden. An upright grunting bear is the animal of coats of arms and seals of the City of Berlin. But why? How or why Berlin's citizens chose the bear remains unknown. Most likely they were thinking of Albrecht I, nicknamed "the bear", who is considered to have been the conqueror and founder of the Margraviate of Brandenburg. Another possibility is that Berliners…

Sandy Simpson
Bear watching in Slovenia: Don’t fear the bear | itinari Nature, Bear Mounts, Lazy Bear, Funny Poses, Brother Bear, Funny Bears, Bear Family, Bear Pictures, Forest Creatures

Bear watching in Slovenia: Don’t fear the bear

Living in a country with so much forest (it covers more than half of the land) is something we are quite proud of. On top of that, there are many brown bears co-inhabiting the area. And if you decide to go for an adventure, when in Slovenia, you might see it in person. I know, this seems to be quite dangerous, but bear watching is not dangerous and no fear is needed when you’re on the field with professionals.