Learn how to become a strong leader with effective strategies and essential skills. Inspire and motivate your team to achieve success with these proven techniques.
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Read the best leadership quotes, sayings, proverbs, captions, and philosophy to motivate you to be a good leader. How do you define leadership? A leader is someone who can see how things can be improved and who rallies people to move toward that better vision. Leaders can work toward making their vision a reality while […]

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​Organizations face challenges in defining and assessing the performance of their leaders. But some of the work has already been done: There is a model that organizations can use to differentiate between traits that signify management and traits that sign

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One of my favorite memories as a teacher is from back at the technology center. I received an email from my assistant principal titled “Dress code”. Gulp. It asked me to come see her at my conference time at the end of the day. Double gulp. Still having no clue as to why I was […]

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