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The Champion Team is excited to welcome our newest addition to Summoner’s Rift—Neeko, the Curious Chameleon. From early in development, we wanted the one hundred and forty second Champion to be vibrant in both colour and personality. Her artists found deep inspiration in nature and high fantasy characters; weaving together whimsical and reptilian elements with […]

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Two class demo I did in my basic class. For Jinx I reference Arcane style, and for Yasuo it's more like my own style, each of them I included a break down of my process, I believe a strong process is extremally powerful for new artist to achieve high detailed rendering, it could be overwhelming if you want to solve all problem at once, that's why I highly recommend that you find your process first and then solidify them from repeating it over and over again until you have better foundations…

Sabrina Mercado