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Discover the transformative practice of Reiki and learn how to harness its healing power. Explore techniques and practices to enhance your well-being and promote balance in your life.
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New to Reiki?👩‍⚕️ You must know these 6 things not to do after your Reiki attunement to ensure you're on the right spiritual path!😇💖 Learn how to avoid these common missteps and embrace your healing journey to the fullest. 💫🔑 Read the blog to find out more!👉

Rebecca Smith
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Reiki healing practices involve channeling positive energy into the body with gentle touching techniques. Reiki has been around since the early 1900s, created by a Buddhist from Japan named Mikao Usui. He used reiki practices to help with everything from improving your immune system to helping with emotional and mental issues. There are several ways

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