Leather planner

Stay organized and stylish with a leather planner. Find the perfect planner to help you stay on top of your schedule and achieve your goals.

Notebook A5 / A6 in a leather substitute/ Planner binder Notepads Notebook Planner a6 Planner personal leatherette ring Planner binder covers - DETAILS - ~ In the photo Notebook A5 - 19*22,5 cm. ~ Individual Color. ~ Closed on Magnet button ~ 6 rings, diameter 0.98" (2,5 cm). А6-17,5 cm.; А5- 22 cm. Mechanism color gold, bronze, silver.. etc.. ~ Examples of pockets for a notebook, see the last photo of the product. Notebook/pages sizes, length x height: A6 - 13,5 x 18,5 cm 5,1 x 7,3"…

Melissa Oden
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CLOTH & PAPER designs leather planners, minimal planner inserts, transparent sticky notes, planner stickers, and more for 2024-2025 calendar planning with a luxury aesthetic. Often voted the best stationery and pen subscriptions, we curate exclusive boxes each month that are highly revered in the planning community.

Michelle Nhu