Lion king 4

Get ready for the next thrilling adventure in The Lion King series. Find out what awaits Simba and his friends in the highly anticipated Lion King 4. Join us as we explore the new storyline and meet new characters in this epic journey.
Mufasa, Ahadi and Taka by NewSea-ANother on deviantART Disney, Disney Fan Art, Lions, Lion King Fan Art, King Simba, Lion King 3, Lion King Simba's Pride, Lion King 2, Lion King Movie

Description Original picture by , colored by me with permission: [link] . I really liked this picture! It captures the scene from "A Tale of two brothers" perfectly. And I colored Ahadi as I see him. I converted his main colors from the book into "movie" colors (by the same way as I did it for Tanglemane: [link] ), and it's not just random, but I did some calculation with color codes. It's interesting that he is DARKER than Mufasa! Looks more like Mohatu's son (and he IS his son in my…

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