Living room shelving

Transform your living room with stylish shelving solutions that enhance both aesthetics and functionality. Discover top ideas to showcase your decor and keep your space organized.
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Transform your living room with chic picture wall ideas that speak volumes of style and modernity. Find out how with our latest article. Don't forget to follow us for more home decor inspiration!

Shaniah Haughton
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Towards the end of the year, things always wind down around here by a lot. There aren’t really any projects, I’m focused on Christmas, and I don’t always share as much. But, that doesn’t mean nothing changes! Today, I thought I’d walk you through four (small) things that have happened in our home over the...

Ashley Larson

Not everyone can afford spacious penthouses in urban centers or huge mansions in the suburbs. Many of us have to make do with what we have and that often means choosing tiny houses and small apartments. And fitting your entire life in there can get tricky. Luckily, there are quite a few ways to keep your workstation in order and get rid of that enormous table that blocks the entire kitchen. From affordable space-saving furniture to genius home hacks, we compiled a list of creative ideas to…

Kasey Moore
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Living rooms, especially in smaller homes or apartments, can benefit significantly from the space-saving nature of corner shelves. By utilizing vertical space, corner shelves free up valuable floor area. This optimization can make your living room appear more spacious as well as provide extra room for seating or other essential furniture pieces.

Wendy Durepos