Logical fallacies

Learn how to identify and avoid logical fallacies to enhance your critical thinking skills. Discover practical tips and examples to strengthen your arguments and make more informed decisions.
Common Logical Fallacies cal Fallacies Everyone Should Know @ Ad Hominem It occurs when someone attacks directly the person making an argument rather than criticizing the argument itself. Straw Man When someone attacks a distorted version of the original argument that they themselves created (Le "the straw man"). 3) Appeal to Authority Asserting that something must be true because it is backed up by someone who is (allegedly) an authority on the subject. Slippery Slope Taking an argument from th English, Logical Fallacies, Critical Thinking Skills, Critical Thinking, Logic And Critical Thinking, Argument, Logic, Essay Writing, English Writing Skills

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A history of FLICC: the 5 techniques of science denial Nature, Writing, Critical Thinking, Logical Fallacies, Logic, Science, Interesting Ideas, Podcast, Thing 1

In 2007, Mark Hoofnagle suggested on his Science Blog Denialism that denialists across a range of topics such as climate change, evolution, & HIV/AIDS all employed the same rhetorical tactics to sow confusion. The five general tactics were conspiracy, selectivity (cherry-picking), fake experts, impossible expectations (also known as moving goalposts), and general fallacies of logic.

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