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Have you heard people talk of painting in a ‘ loose ’ style and wondered what that actually means? Like a lot of things in art, it is rather subjective so perhaps the better question is to ask what loose watercolour painting means to you. I want to paint with ease - with a glad heart and a confid

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I decided, for the whole month of March, I will just paint flowers. The first practice session felt like I was trying to learn to ride a bike after not riding for years. A little unsure and wobbly, but the muscle memory was definitely still there. #watercolor Pastel Color Painting Ideas, Loose Watercolor Florals, Drawing Colouring, Abstract Watercolor Flower, Loose Watercolor Paintings, Loose Watercolor Flowers, Paint Flowers, Watercolor Beginner, Watercolor Flowers Tutorial

According to my mom, I’m not the best at painting flowers. And she’s not wrong. I have yet to find my stride when it comes to painting botanicals. But I know if I really wanted to find it, I could. But it will take some practice - which is what I’m sharing in this post.

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