Lost city of gold

Uncover the secrets of the lost city of gold and embark on a thrilling adventure. Discover fascinating stories and legends surrounding this ancient treasure and get inspired to embark on your own quest.
Amazon Rainforest Was Once Home to A Massive Lost Civilization - In 2010, archaeologist Quirino Olivera and his team started digging into the Montegrande hill, and soon discovered what they were excavating wasn’t a hill at all. It was a massive pyramid, built by a forgotten civilization in the Amazon rainforest – and it was over 3,000 years old. Ancient Aliens, Lost City Of Gold, Lost City Of Z, Lost City, Mysteries Of The World, Fantasy Landscape, Ancient Cities, Unexplained Mysteries, Ancient Mysteries

There is a hill in the Amazon rainforest that stretches out over two acres of land. It is called Montegrande and, to look at it, it seems like nothing more than another hill. A particularly steep one perhaps, but nothing more than an overgrown mound of earth. For centuries, it was ignored, and, in time, as Peru’s cities and towns stretched further out in the Amazon, farmers even set up their homes on top of it.

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