Lower helix piercing hoop

Explore our collection of trendy hoop earrings designed specifically for lower helix piercings. Enhance your style and make a statement with these stylish and unique earrings.
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This product is a cartilage piercing.Using natural stone adds privilege to the product. It can be preferred for rook, daith and tragus or daily using. 12 mm Clicker Diamond : App. 0,03 ct H VS1 Gram : App. 0,47 GR Product Code : LC00032D 10 mm Clicker Diamond : App. 0,03 ct H VS1 Gram : App. 0,45 GR Product Code : LC00032D All of our jewelry is made from solid 14k yellow,white and rose gold.Because of using natural stone, the color of it may differ. All items in our store are 100 % handmade…

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14K solid Gold 16 gauge Cartilage Hoop, Daith piercing, Cartilage/endless/catchless/tragus/helix/hex, Helix Piercing Hoops, Ear Hugging ----These minimalist and modern hoop is made from 16 gauge 14K real solid gold wire, and are hand forged by me. Edges are sanded smooth for comfort. This listing is for ONE single endless hoop. NOT A PAIR!!! 14K yellow gold handcrafted nose ring/hoop earring. Classic and simple design, great for everyday wear. Meant to leave in 24/7. Perfect for all your…