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Several years ago, I was on a local PBS show called Chicago Tonight with host Bob Sirrott. I was there to discuss the preservation/restoration process of a railway station I had become involved with in nearby Skokie, IL. As an introduction, Bob was giving an overview of projects I’d done and then proceeded to describe how much he saw the influence of “Mad Magazine” in my work. I had never articulated this myself, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized how spot o

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Mark Zuckerberg has finally joined the ranks of Richard Nixon, Bart Simpson, Barack Obama, and Thom Yorke, all folks who have been honored as some of the few celebrities to grace the cover of everyone's favorite portzebie title, Mad Magazine. The cover will complement what will probably be a horribly unfunny piece on the inside of the magazine entitled "The 50 Worst Things About Facebook" and will grace newsstands in about a week.

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We've got Bieber Fever! Well, not really – but he IS making us sick! In our newest issue, we mock the over-hairy, under-talented teen star, and we also mock Sarah Palin, the Xbox Kinect, Mad Men, Undercover Boss, President Obama and much more! And as if that weren't enough stupidity for one sitting, there's also The MAD Strip Club, A MAD Look at Murder, and Spy Vs. Spy! Thought you'd never buy another issue of MAD? Never say never – go out and buy it today!

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There's no rhyme or reason to the newest issue of MAD as we take a look at the crappy career of a typical rap star! We also mock the Deal or No Deal models and page through some George W. Bush-inspired children's books! Plus Spy Vs. Spy, The Darker Side of…the Lighter Side, The MAD Fold-In, Planet Tad and much more! Just remember - into every life, a Lil Wayne must fall!

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