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Makeup Room

Discover Pinterest’s 10 best ideas and inspiration for Makeup Room. Get inspired and try out new things.

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Oct 9, 2018 - Mesa de maquillaje #decoratingmybedroomideas

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Home Series: Makeup and Vanity Organization — Shore Society

Spring is definitely the time where we start thinking about our house projects for the year, and also when we tend to organize the house! This winter we’ve tackled all of our closets – from clothes to linens to our front utility closet, everything has been cleaned out and reorganized. It’s a nice wa

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Best Pink Rooms Interior Inspiration - Gorgeous Pink Room Decor Ideas

Known as the sweet and soft side of red, pink is the color that symbolizes sugar, spice, and everything nice. You will have to take things into consideration to create a vibrant pink room that you can be proud of. Here's some of photos for your Best Pink Rooms Interior Inspiration - Gorgeous Pink Ro

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Different Ways to Make Your Room Look Cute

Tired of the same old dull look? Looking to redecorate your room? Well I've got some pretty good ideas that will help you redecorate your room. You can leave that boring room behind and get you a gorgeous and bright space with these tips that I have in store for you. I've also included some bedroom pictures throughout this article, ya know, for inspiration. Quick disclaimer: I'm not the owner of any of these photos. If you see your photo and would like your credit or it to be taken down, please don't hesitate to email me. Set your color scheme. When you don't have a set color scheme in your room, it can tend to throw a lot of things off. A color scheme will bring your room right together. Try to pick colors that brings each other out. Ex: Pastel yellow, white, a pastel pink, and gray. If you aren't the bright colors type of person, I get it, you can do it with darker colors too! Throw pillows. Pillows are super comfortable, if you buy the right ones. If you put some throw pillows on your bed, it makes it look more alive and comfortable. You can even mix in the faux fur throw pillows for a little extra spice and fun. Throw blanket. Do you love when your bed looks tall and fluffy? I know I do. So if you are a person that is going for that look, throw blankets are for you. You can even try to have a little fun with them. Instead of getting the plain solid colored throw blankets, you can try a knitted throw, a pom pom throw, or even a multicolored thrown. Another great thing you can try is layering the throws. You know, the big one on the bottom and the little one on the top. Sheer curtains. Sheer curtains can be another great accessory to your new and improved room. If you are one that likes letting in light all the time, then you should definitely consider sheer curtains. It also gives you that luxury look. You can switch them out anytime you like. Fairy lights. I know fairy lights are always mentioned when it comes to decor, but they just rock. A lot. They're also good for being some good light for reading because of course you can't leave your actual bedroom light on all night. I love how they just set the mood and give you those cozy vibes. Rugs. If you have hardwood flooring, rugs should be your best friend, unless you prefer your rug to show. Even if you have carpet already, rugs can be a great way to glam up your room. Lounge chair. You can create you a little chill area or reading corner by adding a lounge chair to your space. They just are an amazing way to add more to your room. When my sister was going off to college her freshman year, my mom had bought her the cutest lounge chair that had that teddy looking faux fur on it. It made her dorm room look so much better. It was just so cute! Wallpaper. If you are tired of your walls and don't feel like painting over them, you can buy you some wallpaper. You can save so much time in putting it on the wall rather than painting because with painting, your going to have to do more than one coat. Mirrors. Mirrors are a good essential to check out how you're looking and some amazing pictures, but they also have the effect of making your space look bigger. It's amazing what a mirror can do. Reading/ chill corner. Remember when I said you can use the lounge chair for a reading or chill corner? You can do that with other things too. Like you can put some throw pillows or an ottoman on the floor and make a tent area, or you can even add tapestry. Shelves. We all can use extra space to put SOMETHING on and shelves are perfect way to do so. You can also decorate them with like a jewelry holder or even a candle. Pictures. Hanging some pictures can definitely make your room look cute. You can even buy some to match your color scheme so it doesn't have to be over the top. Succulents. Are you the a green type of person? Succulents are a great way to bring your room together. Another good thing about succulents is that you don't have to do too much to take care of them. They don't die easily so that's great! A terrarium. Terrariums are another great way to add some life into your room. These give you more of an ocean type vibe. If you are thinking of putting shelves in your room, at least you know one place where you can put your terrarium. You can even get or make a terrarium with a succulent in it. Get a bed frame. Instead of doing your average bed with just a headboard, get a whole bed frame. There are tons of cute ones out there! Owner: @cloud_interiors Cloud Interiors Bed side table. Bed side tables are a great way to make your bedroom look cute. You can also put your phone and laptop on it lol! Organize and clean. Before you set your things up, be sure to organize and clean your room up first. You can't throw of the looks of your room by leaving it junky. Clothing rack. I've seen so many people do this and it's actually really cute. You can add clothes that match the color scheme of your room. Desk. A desk can top everything off! You can set them however you want. Also you can use it if you need to do homework or just work. I think it adds a more mature look to any bedroom. Disclaimer: You do not have to do EVERY SINGLE THING on this list! These are just some things that can make your room look cute. I'm not here to tell you that you have to do everything on this list. I'm just sharing tips. If you enjoy the content I post, support me by buying me a coffee. (It's basically just you tipping me and supporting my content.)

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