Mandarin orange jam

Learn how to make homemade mandarin orange jam with these easy and flavorful recipes. Add a burst of citrusy sweetness to your breakfast or snacks with these delicious jam ideas.
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Homemade Mandarin Orange Jam

What is your idea of a perfect breakfast? For me, that would be a nice, crispy slice of buttery toast, smothered with a thick layer of jam on top. So when Tiger (aka the hubby) asked me to make something with all the countless mandarin oranges we have lying around after Chinese New Year, this homemade mandarin orange jam seemed to be the logical choice!...

Tom Bowers
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Spiced Mandarin Orange Jam From Canned Oranges-Small Batch

This Spiced Mandarin Orange Jam is another one of my 98¢ experiments and I was very pleased with the way it turned out! I love the addition of warm spices and added a squeeze of lemon juice for insurance that it would gel. The color is great and the orange flavor is very nice on a bagel with cream cheese. I'm thinking it would be good on cheesecake too... I ended up with about 12oz of jam and will make it again! Think of this as a milder, less bitter alternative to marmalade, and don't these…

Linda Conlon Brodie
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Orange, Mandarin & Lemon Marmalade — Belinda Jeffery

This recipe may seem a little long-winded, however that’s mainly because I want to explain the process of marmalade-making in some detail, rather than because there’s any hardship about making it. In fact, once you get the hang of it, you’ll find you really don’t need the recipe and can make it off the top […]

Uta Lovering