Manhwa eyes drawing

Learn how to draw beautiful and expressive Manhwa eyes with these expert tips. Elevate your artwork and bring your characters to life with captivating eyes that will mesmerize your readers.
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Into His World - Chapter 84 - Rookie

Aged up Tanjiro x Reader slow burn romance. ✨New chapters every Monday & Friday Reader is abducted by a time-traveling demon and taken to the Taishō era. The Kamado family took you into their home. They teach you Japanese and are very generous. The oldest son takes a deep interest in you. Being a huge fan of the "Demon Slayer" Manga, you already know the future that is coming. How will he react if you tell him the truth? One big problem, Muzan now holds the power of a Time-Traveling demon…

Original author- Mo Chen Huan(莫晨欢) Original publisher -jjwxc Status … #romance #Romance #amreading #books #wattpad Digital Painting Tutorials, Chinese Anime, 얼굴 드로잉, Eye Drawing Tutorials, Eye Sketch, Seni 2d, Anime Eye Drawing, Poses References, Anime Drawings Tutorials

The Villain Has Something To Say(ဘာသာပြန်)

Original author- Mo Chen Huan(莫晨欢) Original publisher -jjwxc Status in COO -150 chapters +14 extras Genre- romance, Drama English translation link is here👇 It's not my own story. It's just fun translation ‌& purposes for offline only (not commercial). Credits to original author ,eng translators and cover artist respectfully.

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