Maraschino cherry

Add a pop of sweetness to your dishes with maraschino cherries. Explore mouthwatering recipes that feature this delightful ingredient and satisfy your cravings today.
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Sharing is caring!Let’s face it: Maraschino cherries sound great, and when you were little you thought they were this expensive, high-quality fruit you only ate every few years. As an adult, you now know they’re mass produced and taste just like they look: neon-sweet, nothing like a cherry, and annoying. So what do you do …

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There are very few time when I am really, truly glad to live in Michigan, with its bitter winters and humid summers, but cherry season is one I am smitten with. The trouble with fresh Michigan cherries is, I never, ever make anything with them. No sooner does a bag of cherries enter my house, …

Sarah Maestas