Marble run

Explore the world of marble runs with these exciting ideas for kids and adults. Build your own marble run and enjoy hours of fun and creativity.
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This post contains affiliate links. We've all heard the rumors about Han Solo's famous Kessel Run that he did in 12 parsecs, but it was just this week, with the release of the new "Solo" movie, that we actually saw it happen! To celebrate the release of this exciting bit of backstory, we've got a

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My brother and I used to make marble runs out of blocks and his Hot Wheels track and it was one of our favorite things to do! I made this marble run out of recycle bin items like paper towel tubes and recycled cardboard for the new-ish magazine, The Week Junior . Have you seen it? It is a fantastic

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Have you tried a marble run yet? The very first time I pulled out foam tubes and marbles and mentioned roller coasters I knew my students were hooked on STEM forever. That challenge is their very favorite and it's one they ask to repeat all the time. It's a fun one, but in my

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