Match 3 games

Discover a collection of addictive match 3 games that will keep you entertained and relaxed. Explore different levels, challenges, and power-ups to complete the puzzles and achieve high scores.
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Match 3 game assets. 1. 7 Different candies with horizontal and vertical, cross, bomb and timer bomb. 2. 3 Levels obstacle, and 2 Levels lock, 1 special chocolate in 3 levels. 3. 5 Boosters. 4. 1 Special and 1 Five Match. 5. Level worlds including level buttons. 6. Level maps including 3 colors pin and 1 lock pin (Seamless level maps background = Unlimited levels). 7. UI (Game Panel including Top, Booster Panel, Complete, Failed, Shop, Leaderboard, Settings, Target, Out of Moves) 8. Extra…