Math rounding 3rd grade

Discover fun and effective math rounding activities to help 3rd graders master this important skill. Enhance their understanding of rounding numbers with engaging exercises that make learning math a breeze.
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My daughter came home with a rounding worksheet… she struggled with it. Creating number lines did not help, because she wasn’t sure how to plot the numbers. So, I created these number charts to give her some extra help. We practiced for about 10 minutes, and she responded well to the activity. She said the […]

Jamain Curtis
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Why use math sorts? Discussions Differentiation Aligned to the standards No-prep FUN! 1. Discussions We constantly tell students to show their work or explain their thinking. Using math sorts weekly will give students practice in putting their thinking into words. Your students will use math vocabulary as they explain how they sorted their cards. They […]

Lisa Noe