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Movable Stage: Pageant Wagon By Lesley

pageant wagons (or click here) moved through the streets while the audience stayed in one place – like parade floats. (W&G call them "wagon stages") (see illustration in text) (click here for a picture..) The term "pageant" is used to refer to the stage, the play itself, and the spectacle. Plays performed in sequence – thus each play was performed several times. There are few reliable description of pageant wagons. One claims that the wagons must be over 12 feet tall—it would seem impossible…

Matthew Buttrey
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Miracle plays – Historical articles and illustrations

The miracle play was one of three principal dramatic forms which flourished during the middle ages. Less adventurous in subject matter and characterisation than the mystery, the miracle play was concerned with enacting events and miracles in the life of a saint or a martyr. The mouth of Hell, as staged in a miracle play, […]

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