Memories Box

Preserve your cherished memories with these creative and personalized ideas for a memories box. Find inspiration to create a unique keepsake that will bring back the joy of special moments.
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It doesn't matter if you believe in Santa Claus or not; we can all agree on one thing - everyone loves getting Christmas gifts. And although Noel is primarily a time to be selfless and generous, some savage trolls view it as the perfect opportunity to have a little bit of fun at their family or friends' expense with their ever so unique gifts.

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18-Year-Old Opens A Time Capsule Made By Her Parents And Relatives On Her 1st Birthday To Find It Filled With Memorabilia | Bored Panda Summer Bucket Lists, Parents, Friends, Ideas, Time Capsule Birthday, Baby Time Capsule, Time Capsule, Memory Box, Capsule

"We've moved a couple of times since we did the time capsule, but for the last ten years, it has been in the back a large storage room in our basement buried beneath boxes of books. My kids never go in there because they think it's creepy, so it went unnoticed all these years."

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I'm so excited to have the opportunity to share with you this new product.... Mod Podge Collage Clay from Plaid. If that isn't exciting enough they're allowing me to share with you some other new Mod Podge products that you can find at Michaels. Take a look at what I was able to create with them,

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Shadow box ideas - Memories and mementos are very precious for every person that need to be preserved. Nowadays, people tend to use photograph or even their facebook wall to keep their memory last longer. Shadow Box Framing and Matting is the ideal means to beautifully display and safeguard your special keepsakes. Frames can be created from wood or other materials. Remember a shadow box is just a deep frame. If you would like a high-resolution image of your artwork, don't be afraid to…

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The Safekeeping Society create a range of keepsake boxes, stationery and honeymoon journals. Keepsake boxes can be made to order, built around your chosen items; from holiday souvenirs to keepsakes from your wedding day. Each item from the Safekeeping Society is designed and handmade in London using traditional techniques and the finest quality materials. Everything can be made specifically to your requirements and includes personalised foiling for a bespoke finish.

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