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Take your personal and professional development to the next level with a mentor coach. Explore top strategies and techniques to accelerate your growth and achieve your goals.
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Life Coach vs. Therapist vs. Mentor vs. Consultant — Elena Hartung

So what does a life coach do, anyway? What does that mean? How is coaching different from therapy? Isn’t that the same as mentoring? How is consulting different? These are all questions that I hear pretty regularly, especially when I first tell people I’m a coach...

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Coaching and Mentoring - What's the Difference?

Over the last few weeks, I have been reading about coaching and mentoring. The trigger for all this activity was #lrnchat on 07 April where the topic of discussion was coaching and mentoring. I always enjoy #lrnchat but this particular one was a great opportunity to understand different perspectives about coaching and mentoring and how folks in Learning and Development and HR across corporate, government, and non profit sectors interpret and utilize these techniques. Here are some thoughts…

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How to Mentor

Mentoring is a great way to help your mentee understand their goals, skills, and path to results. But if you need to build the day-to-day skills in your team, Coach them. Coaching your team is more than answering questions, it is the art of helping your team answer their own questions, work through

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