Merida and hiccup

Join Merida and Hiccup on their epic adventures filled with bravery, friendship, and mythical creatures. Discover top ideas inspired by these beloved characters and embark on your own thrilling journey.
It’s been approx 8 yrs and this is still my favorite picture Character Design, Jack Frost, Manga, Fan Art, Merida, Merida And Hiccup, Animé, Fanart, Elsa

War AU is a fairly common scenario in fan-made works involving the Big Four.In this AU, the locations in the fandom have began waging war with each other, and it is up to the main characters to make peace. Originating from the Mericcup pairing, War AU is the concept of war waging between the locations found in the fandom (kingdoms usually). In Brave, it is mentioned that one of the enemies that led to the four clans to unite as one to fight them off were Vikings, leading to the conclusion…

Alhanah Dixon