Mermaid melody pichi pichi pitch

Experience the enchanting world of Mermaid Melody with the captivating series, Pichi Pichi Pitch. Join the mermaid princesses on their underwater adventures and discover the power of friendship and music.
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Rina Tōin (洞院 リナ Tōin Rina) sometimes romanized as Rina Touin is the tritagonist of Mermaid Melody. One of the episodes that centers around her is Episode 62. Rina is the Mermaid Princess of the North Atlantic Ocean. She couldn't let go of her past when her kingdom was attacked and destroyed by Gaito. While swimming away, she ran into her best friend, Noel, whose kingdom had also been destroyed. For a while, they traveled together, until Gaito and Yuri caught up with them. They were both…