Messianic judaism

Discover the history, beliefs, and practices of Messianic Judaism, a unique blend of Jewish heritage and faith in Jesus. Learn more about this fascinating religious movement and its impact on the lives of its followers.

Messianic refers to "Fulfilled Messianic Prophecy" and involves "Yah'shua" which means: "God is our salvation". The name "Yah'shua" is Hebrew for "Jesus", in English. Messianic Jew here means, choosing as a Jewish person, to believe that...

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Many of us who have wound up in the Messianic or Hebrew faith movements have been quick to point out to family and friends many of the unbiblical customs that are prevalent in the Christian church. I have done this myself, pointing out that Christmas is not in the Bible. But if someone asked me if I celebrated Hanukkah I would say yes, and make the argument that that was okay since it was "Biblically based." Talk about confusing! It is a poor testimony when we criticize others for…